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Position threshold0%
AUM(USDT) 6001.4948
PnL%(USDT) +476.3761(+7.93%)
Account Equity6477.8709Number of orders190
UPnL -1739.4468 Amount order 191350.53
APY +361.81% Max drawdown 16.32%
Since 2017 Vtrading has experienced bear and bull markets with everyone
Traders Worldwide100W+
Bots Created12W+
Daily trading Volume$60M+
How it Works · Connect your exchange with API keys and create bots to trade.· Your funds are absolutely safe. The API is encrypted by multiple algorithms and is highly secure!· You can connect multiple exchanges with API to manage different fund accounts.· Make it easier to check your account or execute an order.
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Watch Your Profits Grow From powerful trading bots to smart orders tools,vtrading bots can help you Maximize profits in the crypto world
Profit from every market move 24/7, with fully automated trading bots. Set up GRID and DCA strategies in a few minutes.
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About Vtrading AI Crypto Trading Platform
Vtrading was established in December 2017, aiming to provide differentiated AI quantitative trading strategy services to customers at different levels.
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The Vtrading digital asset AI quantification service platform provides visual element platform editing strategies, Hbase system rapid debugging and backtesting, and customized publishing mall strategies.Asset management system, intelligent documentary system, independent rebate system, large customer private customized deployment, third-party embedded system and other functions and services. Users can realize different quantitative needs through the various services provided by Vtrading, allowing ordinary users to run quantitative strategies without knowing how to write code, making quantitative trading easier.
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